Letter: ‘Thank You’ Waveny Volunteers and Donors

To the Waveny LifeCare Community:

On behalf of the Waveny LifeCare Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our grateful appreciation to our volunteers and donors for their service and financial support of the Waveny LifeCare Network’s mission of caring. During the earliest days of the threat of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in the United States, Waveny took steps to ensure that the highest levels of quality and care continued uninterrupted to protect the health and safety of our more than 300 residents and patients, our over 500 employees, and our 400-plus volunteers.  

Understandably, those steps included the temporary suspension of our strong and invaluable volunteer program of individuals who have given their time, heart and soul to our community of seniors who live or access care at the Waveny Inn, Village, Adult Day program and in our full-skilled nursing and rehab Care Center. For more than 45 years, local families have entrusted Waveny to care for their loved ones.  Along with our dedicated employees, our volunteers have helped cement that trust.  

While our Waveny community continues to be well cared for by our wonderful healthcare staff, we can tell you that our volunteers – who delight everyone with their love, friendship, prayers, songs, smiles, health treatments, wellness, pet therapy and flowers – are greatly missed and we look forward to their return once the crisis has subsided.  

Individual and community involvement, both large and small, supports the continued health of Waveny’s residents and staff and is gratefully appreciated.

Letter: In Giving Thanks, Most Grateful for First Selectman Candidate Kit Devereaux


As Election Day and Thanksgiving season approach, I am reminded of the many things for which I give thanks. I give thanks for our wonderful Town and for the opportunity to have served our community on the Town Council and Board of Finance. I am also thankful for the experience of my first election running for Town Treasurer, losing by 47 votes and learning that every vote matters. I am also grateful for all of the candidates seeking roles in public service as this year’s contested races have engendered healthy debate which is good for our entire community. Today, I am most thankful for Kit Devereaux, our candidate for First Selectwoman.

Letter: Corbet Endorses Rob Fryer for Town Treasurer

New Canaan is blessed with many resources and I can think of no one better than Rob Fryer—a CPA and experienced finance and accounting professional—for the role of town treasurer. As a former member of the Board of Finance, candidate for town treasurer in 2011 and soon-to-be former town councilman, I know firsthand that New Canaan would greatly benefit from Rob’s experience as a retired partner at a Big Four accounting firm and as an effective member of the New Canaan Community Foundation and the New Canaan Land Trust. Rob’s expertise in the oversight and implementation of financial controls—coupled with his availability and time commitment—offers New Canaan a tremendous opportunity to help steer the right course in cash management and bond financings and will provide the town’s senior leadership, boards and commissions with invaluable consultation in financial matters. As a nearly 30-year resident of New Canaan, Rob is above all a great man of integrity and character—nothing rattles him—which is why he is often sought for his thoughtful views on many different issues. To learn more about Rob and his plans as town treasurer take a look at his website at www.robfryer.com.

Letter: In Support of Christa Kenin for Selectman


I would like to express my thanks and best wishes to all of the candidates seeking elected office in New Canaan. Your commitment and willingness to serve our town is to be commended. While our community will benefit from engaging, contested races at the General Election in November – it appears likely as of now that one of the three seats for the Board of Selectmen will be decided at the Republican caucus on July 18th. Accordingly, I would like to convey my strong support of Christa Kenin who is running for Board of Selectman against the incumbent, Nick Williams. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Town Council with Christa and can attest to her integrity, dedication and passion to serve our constituents. On all topics, you can count on Christa to engage in thorough research, respectfully evaluate of all sides of an issue and actively communicate via digital media and face-to-face engagement to keep us all informed.

Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for Better and Effective Governance


As a member of the Charter Revision Commission, Town Council and, formerly, Board of Finance, I greatly appreciate the input and opinions of over 100 current and past elected and appointed officials, employees and the general public. Your voice matters—and on Nov. 8, your vote matters too. There are five ballot questions for your consideration. Question #3 asks if the Chair of the Board of Finance should be independent and elected from among the Board’s regular members—and not be the First Selectman, who would nonetheless remain as an ex-officio member.