Election 2023: Keith Richey Announces Candidacy for Town Council [Q&A]

Keith Richey, a corporate lawyer who has served the town for 20-plus years on the Parking and Parks & Recreation Commissions, on Monday announced his candidacy for the Town Council. We put some questions to Richey ahead of the July 25 Republican caucus, where he will seek party backing. Here’s our exchange. New Canaanite: What is your background professionally and in terms of living and volunteering here in New Canaan? Keith Richey: As a corporate lawyer I specialized in international tax planning for 39 years, starting with Exxon/Mobil out of law school, then Citibank where I became General Tax Counsel for their worldwide Private Bank, left to run the International Tax Planning function for Xerox, then ITT and their spin-off Xylem, retiring in 2018.  My 39 years of professional experience included significant involvement in law, tax, finance, and deal making.