One thought on “‘There Is No Guarantee’: P&Z Appointment Postponed After Selectman Corbet Cites Lack of ‘Process’

  1. In every James Bond movie there comes a point where the villain tells a captive 007 exactly what his evil plan is. Spills it all out on the table and then leaves Mr. Bond to die from whatever crazy “kill James Bond” invention he’s made.

    I feel like it’s that moment in the movie. I wish our first selectman would just tell us what his master plan is. Just reveal the big scheme he’s hoping to accomplish by appointing his cronies to various town bodies, hiring secret architect firms, pressing his thumb on the scale at P&Z meetings, etc. I’m sure he delights in “surprising” us all at every turn, but really, just tell us the secret plan already.

    The suspense is killing me.

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