5 thoughts on “‘This Is Ridiculous’: Divided Board of Selectmen Postpones West School Cell Tower Discussion to September

  1. Reading New Canaanite wakes me up more than my coffee.
    Thank you for your timely reporting of town meetings.

  2. Great article! The taxpayers need to know about what is happening in our town. Westport opted for DAS/small cell technology to improve cell service rather than 120 foot cell towers marring the beauty of their town and putting residents health at risk. Why can’t New Canaan? The Selectman won’t even research this. His town cellular data is from 2014-2017 which is ancient in the world of technological advancements. There is ZERO transparency. We as taxpaying residents deserve more data, more research, more cost analysis, more options for improving cell service. Why did he disband the utilities commission who was researching all of this when he took office? Is the Soundview Tower even effective at improving cell service? Why is our Selectman so concerned about Homeland Towers and Carriers but not his own residents? Every other town like New Canaan has a leader who is thinking in the best interests of members of his/her community. We would like answers from our First Selectman. We need to know. We deserve answers.

  3. A big thank you to selectmen Williams and Corbet, who stepped up to make sure that the entire community of New Canaan is represented by their government. It makes no sense to put massive structures into place all over town (including schools) without taking the time we need to make sure we are basing the decision and the solution on current data and the right technology. Westport made such a decision and found a better solution. A thoughtful, informed, inclusive process should be the norm going forward.

  4. Thank you to selectmen Corbet and Williams for giving the residents of New Canaan their right to be part of this cell tower conversation. New Canaan’s beauty, history, education, property values, as well as the health and well-being of its residents do matter. We need improved cell service that honors all these different factors. It’s certainly available with technology advancing so rapidly so why would we even consider erecting a 125 foot monopine tower next to an elementary school playground. It makes us look negligent and uninformed.

  5. Great article! Important! What’s the rush for these 2 cell towers which are not needed? What about satellite technology? Other solutions? Why is Kevin Moynihan so intent on this issue to the detriment of his constituents health? Maybe he is not informed or is it something he has to gain?
    Both options are unacceptable in a First Selectman.

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