18 thoughts on “VFW Puts Out Call for Volunteers on Saturday; Town Poised To Deny $15,000 Request

  1. This makes me sad that our Community Foundation is not supporting our Local VFW. Our veterans deserve our support….many have given the “last full measure” for our freedoms. Thank you Mike for posting a link to donate to our local post. Hopefully New Canaanites with rally in support.

  2. Curious why this local organizations, obviously heavily impacted by COVID, wouldn’t qualify for ARPA funding? It would appear the initial Act excluded tax-exempt organizations, but that has been changed. Other towns seem to be finding their VFW posts eligible:


    https://www.townofbabylon.com/501/ARPA-Direct-Support-Program (image 12)


  3. So we deny Veterans money for flags to commemorate their sacrifice, but gladly give $65k to some random “web design” company in Darien who makes a poorly designed website that nobody visits? Got it.

  4. Lake view Cemetery is a Jewel in our town that probably most residents in this town have never stepped foot in. My two uncles served in the US Army. One during the Blitz in England, the other in Korea. My dad as well in post war Germany. The flags that decorate there graves symbolize the best of our town’s citizens. Between the wreath laying and the flags during the holidays is a great testament to our local VFW, and not to support there efforts is mind boggling.
    I urge everyone in our community to visit Lakeview Cemetery and discover this hidden gem. When I often visit when the wreaths are laid out and the flags are waving in the breeze, it’s with immense pride knowing that they are NEVER forgotten.
    $15000. is a spit in the ocean for this town for such a worthwhile cause. To not have it funded would be a travesty.
    Michael DiPanni Jr.

  5. I’m not a veteran but I never understood the connection between respect for veterans and hundreds/thousands of flags. It’s wasteful. I would rather the VFW plant a few flags and then donate/raffle the rest of the money towards the veterans. I think the veterans would appreciate it better and we would set a great standard.

      • I was thinking the same thought – clearly they have not had anyone in their family who went to the front line to fight for our freedom.
        Even so our men and women deserve this honor. Honestly who would even say something like that. As stated above – ENOUGH SAID!

    • Placing the flags on veterans graves is as important part of Memorial Day as the parade. The meaning is deep. It’s showing respect, honor and remembrance to veterans for service to our country… many of whom gave their lives to defend our freedoms. My uncle was killed in The Philippines towards the end of WWII. I visit his grave site every year on Memorial Day. There is always a fresh flag on his grave as a reminder of his service. It means something to me and my family and it should mean something to all Americans who believe in freedom.
      I will be there Saturday to help the VFW and I hope many others will also. Perhaps it is a way to show the town how much we care about the veterans and how important they are to our community.

  6. I am outraged that the New Canaan Community Foundation does not support our VFW ! Where is the respect for these brave men that gave of themselves to protect us and our freedom ? Our Town Leaders need to take a stand and be counted to be sure the VFW has the resources it needs to continue their service.

  7. If I might clarify – the New Canaan Community Foundation does support the VFW. We recently made a grant to them in May, as part of our annual grant cycle that funded 78 local nonprofit organizations, with the support of many volunteers and donors giving from all across our community.

    The ARPA committee that NCCF was asked to lead simply serves in an advisory nature. The committee reviewed ARPA guidelines, and then also had thoughtful conversations about the local nonprofit landscape, community needs, and the best ways to deploy ARPA funding. This process is what built the recommendations now before Town for consideration. Several organizations were assessed not to fit this specific funding opportunity, but that is not for lack of overall merit. Several, including the VFW, were handed back to Town to consider for direct support – just not to be run through the decision-making of the volunteer ARPA committee. That is not to diminish the work of the VFW or any other organizations in that category, and certainly it was the intent that they would be further considered by Town for funding opportunities.

  8. Having just returned from retrieving the flags for recycling to save money repair then replace for Memorial Day next year. I’m appalled to read that my hometown Little Red School to NCHS 65 would not allocate a measly $15,000. to VFW after contributing so much long term to support the veterans. A handful of towns people came out. Thank you for showing support as volunteers. NC officials need to rethink their commitment to organizations that truly are worthy.

  9. Since the town cannot afford the horrific expense of putting flags and wreaths on our veterans graves, perhaps the town fathers could simplify the Memorial Day Parade by calling it the Parade, in honor of those who made this weighty decision.

  10. I’m flabbergasted that flags and wreaths cost $15,000, or that flags cost $1500, depending which line you read. A quick search of Amazon shows one can buy 100 flags, 8″x12″ on a 16″ stick for $49. At that price, 1300 flags would cost $637 before tax.

  11. On The Live New Canaan web site the first restaurant that pops up is the permanently closed Baldanza at 129 Elm. I guess $60,000 from the town ARPA funding did not include on going site updating. Is anyone from the town monitoring Live New Canaan to insure content is accurate and current?

    • Perhaps one of those who advocated so strongly for giving the Darien marketing company $60,000 in ARPA funds—such as Town Councilmen Cristina A. Ross or Rita Bettino, or else Nancy Greenspon, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan or town employee Tucker Murphy—can step in here and answer your question, Rick.

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