‘This Was Truly an Accident’: Parking Ticket Appeals


The New Canaan Parking Commission recently received the following written appeals from ticketed motorists.


“Don’t worry, we can walk to the curb from here.” (“Annie Hall,” 1977). MS photo

“I was simply making a quick delivery to my client, DB fine wines, and had a heavy load. I stayed no more than five minutes, the time to unload, but it was quite heavy and I did not want to break my back.”

—$75 for obstructing a hydrant on Cherry Street, at 1:20 p.m. on Jan. 26 (West Haven resident)


“I received a parking ticket for a commercial vehicle, while I was staying with my hazard lights ON and I was not even at the place for more than 1 minute, while I was checking to see if the place was open to make a delivery.”

—$150 for handicapped zone on Elm Street, at 11:12 a.m. on Jan. 21 (Norwalk resident)

Parking enforcement officer’s note: “This individual was asked not to park in the handicap space and to double park the previous day when making a delivery.”

So close. And yet. BT photo


“I did not realize the spot where I parked was handicapped. I noticed the car parked in front of me was clearly parked in a handicapped spot, as there was a sign painted on the pavement and a street sign in front of that spot. However, there was not a sign in front of the spot where I parked and there was also not a painted sign on the pavement. I would never intentionally park in a handicap spot. I have been injured before and required a temporary handicap permit, so I understand how important it is to protect those parking spots. However, I did not know due to the lack of signage that I had parked in a handicapped zone. This was truly an accident and I will be much more aware in the future. When I spoke with Stacy, earlier I mentioned that I did not notice the faint blue outline either, because of winter chalky debris (salt, etc.) on the dirty road.”

—$150 for handicapped zone on Elm Street, at 11:53 a.m. on March 4 

Can hardly see the parking space lines at night. BT photo


I am appealing ticket #3020016863 … for the following reason: pulled out of traffic on Elm St. to a stupid zone, with a ‘No Parking’ sign, to read a text message; put on my flashers; did not leave the vehicle; within a few seconds a ticket was slapped on my windshield; rolled down my window to ask the officer what was happening; she said that I couldn’t park there and I responded by telling her I was just standing there for a moment; she told me to dispute the ticket. … Having driven since 1966, and having lived in Connecticut for the past 30 years, I am familiar with both ‘no parking’ and ‘no standing’ zones. My quick study of the state and New Canaan statutes do not make it clear what the definition of ‘parking’ is and if one can stand temporarily without parking or leaving the vehicle in a ‘no parking’ zone—in NYC one can stand in a no parking zone if inside the vehicle and not marked ‘No Standing.’ I am attaching three of the photographs taken from inside my vehicle. If you think I clearly violated a law, please let me know and I will promptly pay the ticket.”

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