Three Coyote Sightings Reported This Week in New Canaan


Police received three reports of coyote sightings in New Canaan last week, bringing the August tally to five, officials say.

This month’s reported sightings include two down on Betsy’s Lane, according to Animal Control Officer Maryann Kleinschmitt. Other recent sightings include Oenoke Ridge, Richard’s Lane and Old Norwalk Road.

The total for 2014 comes to 40 coyote reported sightings. Though the animals mating season (they mate for life) passed in the spring and early summer, coyotes live permanently in New Canaan and often search backyards for food. Residents who see them should bang pots and pans together to shoo them away, and are advised to keep cats and small dogs indoors.

Here’s an updated map plotting coyote sightings this year, click on a bubble for more information. One of the Oenoke Ridge Road homeowners who spotted a coyote this past week has hired a trapper, since she has livestock, Kleinschmitt said.

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