4 thoughts on “Building Official: Letter Objecting To Demolition of Nature Center Greenhouse Invalid

  1. Shades of the insanity regarding the demo of the “historic” gas station on the fringe of Mead Park.

    Let’s hope the Town Council and First Selectman keep their distance and let the Town Building Official do his job per the existing ordinances.

  2. The Lord-Burnham greenhouse at the Nature Center is similar to the Lord-Burnham greenhouse which is in use at the Darien Community Center. It is in use in Darien by a volunteer group who enjoy using the greenhouse on a regular basis, organize an annual flower sale, and community workshops. The plans for this building are found in the NY Botanical Garden’s Westchester files, under the ‘Bliss Estate’. I have obtained a copy of the DCA annual budget for this building, and both options for use, and the cost to maintain and restore our building, should be discussed publicly before any final decision is made to get rid of it.

  3. Terry,
    I fully agree with you completely. I have fond memories of helping my mother volunteer in this greenhouse and the historic nature to my hometown. Those of us that would prefer to renovate such an iconic part of this estate that was given over to the town is imperative. Possibly a referendum is in place along with the Preservation Alliance of architects Rose Scott Long Rothbart and Keith Simpson. Let’s prevent removal of structures that truly designate the town’s heritage.

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