2 thoughts on “Town Council Votes 8-4 To Remove 1913-Related Wording from Draft Agreement with New Canaan Library

  1. A few people are obsessed with keeping the old building. For me, the 1913 building is not at all beautiful in a way that we should sacrifice the new for it. There has always been an element in New Canaan to be against whatever progress. And at the same time the result is a poor replacement. New Canaan deserves this gorgeous new modern library which has reached the final stages. I pray that we can actually have this wonderful new library.

    • But there is no sacrifice of the new required. I’m FOR a new library, build it! But I don’t think we need to toss a Main Street icon to landscape the new building. Let’s find a way to keep the 1913. “In New Canaan, anything is possible.”

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