Town To Repave Nine Roads


Charter Oak Lane in New Canaan. Credit: Hannah Tiller

The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday approved a contract to repave nine roads in New Canaan. 

The approximately $977,000 contract with Norwalk-based FGB Construction includes the milling and paving of Brinckerhoff Avenue, Charter Oak Drive, Charter Oak Lane, Clearview Lane, Four Winds Lane, Glen Drive, Lockwood Avenue, Michigan Hill Road and Mortimer Street.

Public Works Director Tiger Mann told the selectmen at their regular meeting that the work on Brinckerhoff, Mortimer and Lockwood—located near the intersection of state Routes 124 and 106—will include “reconstruction of new concrete sidewalks” similar to those installed at Field Crest Road and Village Drive last year.

Four companies submitted bids on the project, Mann said during the meeting, held in person as well as via videoconference.

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan, and Selectmen Nick Williams and Kathleen Corbet voted 3-0 in support of the $977,321.25 contract. 

Mann said he planned for at least part of the work to be done during the “summer lull.”

During the same meeting, the selectmen approved an approximately $150,000 contract with Boston-based Indus for “crack sealing” on 16.5 miles of town roads.

Williams asked Mann about the status of Route 123, which recently reopened following a three-week closure for a culvert replacement. 

Mann said all that’s left is work on the shoulder of the state road and “a bit of landscaping.”

“They’ll be out of there in about a week or two,” he said. 

The $977,321.25 dollar contract plans for the reconstruction of roads and sidewalks in the future. Mann described the plan to mill and pave some of the nine roads during the “summer lull” he predicts will occur.

2 thoughts on “Town To Repave Nine Roads

  1. Meanwhile, the residents of Old Studio Road (and no doubt many others) are still waiting, more than three years after Eversource dug up and left the road a complete mess…still no paving.

    • Thank you for submitting your comment.

      Under the town’s agreement with Eversource, the utility company gets a total of three years to install the natural gas main and as many service lines as possible before roads are repaved. Eversource installed gas mains on Old Studio Road in the spring and summer of 2019. So service installations are scheduled to follow in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and repaving will take place in 2022. (We’ve been reporting on the timetable for repaving for years.)

      So, the company is still working within the three-year allotment on Old Studio.

      That said, during the May 10 meeting of the Selectmen’s Advisory Committee on Buildings and Infrastructure, members discussed a petition that is circulating among Old Studio Road homeowners (the meetings are public and posted on the town website btw). Residents of Old Studio have taken the initiative to gather information from each home on whether or not they want gas. New Canaan’s public works director, Tiger Mann, reported that he has told the petition organizers that if they can get every homeowner committed one way or another, that Eversource can facilitate all service installations this summer and then the town can look to repave the street in 2021. So that would be one year earlier than scheduled, as outlined in New Canaan’s formal agreement with Eversource. (Residents of Field Crest Road and Village Drive did the same thing and their streets already have been repaved one year early.)

      Than you again for submitting your comment.

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