‘VIP First Look’ at Halo Studios on Grove Street [SLIDESHOW]

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Halo Studios LLC on Thursday evening hosted a “VIP First Look” event at its new health and wellness hub on Grove Street, attended by dozens of professionals across a wide spectrum of health-related fields, local community and business leaders, media members, prospective clients and more.

With its mission of improving the collective health of greater New Canaan, Halo features open studios, suites and kiosks occupied by permanent as well as “fractional” tenants that share space (scroll through photo gallery above to meet some in each category). Encouraging socialization as well as support to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Halo offers services on an á la carte basis including a boutique fitness center, personal training, free weights and locker rooms and experts in yoga, Pilates, massage, nutrition, physical therapy.

Standing near the organic café and water fountain that greet visitors entering Halo from the covered parking area at the Racquet Club building, owner Peter Lane of NCLC said “the great thing as you look around is that it’s really the wellness experts that are going to occupy the studios.”

“That’s where it’s very impressive,” Lane said. “Their businesses are all going to be here in collaboration with each other and all in the name of wellness, and that to me is powerful. That’s why the concept is unique.”

Though several tenants are operating out of Halo already—including Pryority, Sama Yoga Center, Bodymechanics, Grass Rxoots and Nearwater Pilates—others are preparing to start offering services over the next few weeks, officials say.

2 thoughts on “‘VIP First Look’ at Halo Studios on Grove Street [SLIDESHOW]

  1. Michael, thank you for a great article! Bodymechanics would like to thank everyone in New Canaan for welcoming us to the community. We are truly grateful to be a part of such a vibrant community.

  2. Michael Dinan is our modern day town historian – he is supportive of people, businesses and even pets! Thank you for documenting our First Look VIP Event. We look forward to inviting everyone to a Grand Opening this spring.

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