2 thoughts on “‘We Are in Uncharted Territory’: Town Council Debates Future of ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’

  1. For some reason,I find that building charming. I love the white,double doors on the top. I wish someone could ‘think up’a creative,community-centered use for that space.

  2. A big thank you to Christina Ross and Joe Paladino! Thank you for understanding the need for preservation in our town, and thank you for reminding our elected town officials that all had agreed with a credible offer, preserving and re-use would be preferred to demolition.
    This is not the first time New Canaan residents have taken up the charge to preserve our buildings, our history and the charm of our town. Think Carriage Barn, Powerhouse Theater and at least the facade of Town Hall. What’s different this time is that the NCPA is taking on full responsibility. That means the NCPA will generate the funds to preserve the building now, as well as continuing to maintain Mead Park Brick Barn in the future.
    Go to savemeadparkbrickbarn.org to sign the petition!

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