One thought on “‘We Should Not Gamble with the Taxpayers’ Money’: Councilman Calls for More Oversight of Capital Projects

  1. Good for Christina Ross to raise this question. I was under the impression that after the $1 million dollar cost overrun for fields project that safeguards were already in place. To review, in June of 2017 the fields committee of which current selectman Nick Williams was member became aware that the project was going to cost $1 millions dollars more. Committee gave approval to contractor but chose NOT to let the Town Council nor the general public know until September when it was too late to turn back. I can’t think of a better example of the need for safeguards that will protect tax payers from this type of deception. It’s great to hear that a lot of projects went well but all you need is for one or two major projects to go off the rails to offset the ones that went smoothly.

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