7 thoughts on “Without Explanation, Bank of America Branch on Elm Street Is ‘Temporarily Closed’

  1. This is just speculation, but I wondered if B of A might be moving with Merrill Lynch into the old post office building, since they are the parent company of Merrill. There appears to be enough space for retail banking, financial advisory services, and parking for both.

  2. I hope Mr. Taylor’s speculation comes to be. However, it makes one wonder since all the other Bank of A’s locations are closed. I’ve read that many banks are closing their smaller branches or will do so in order to cut expenses.

  3. I have just gotten off the phone with a representative (I called the Charlotte headquarters office), and she said you can schedule an appointment to access your lockbox at safebox@bofa.com. I haven’t tried it, but repeated the site back to her while on the phone. Good luck!
    The rep. said “most likely due to COVID, but she did not know why closed.”
    Very frustrating, and very poorly handled on BOA’s part.

  4. Sent an email to the mentioned email address regarding access to our safe deposit box and it was returned because the inbox was FULL. Which means no one is monitoring the email address and there was no expectation that the banking community would require certain physical services. This is a disastrous public relations fiasco on BoA’s part. We need answers and access. I called the main headquarters and was told to expect a callback within 3-5 business days. But that didn’t tell me when we could physically get into our boxes. Totally unacceptable.

  5. Closing branches without notice or explanation falls short of running a business
    in the best interest of your customers.
    A universal email should have been released to all customers. And trying to get into safety deposit boxes. Customers need to be up-to-date on this situation.
    Customers are turned off by this unprofessional situation!

  6. I would suggest that people that in need of services from Bank OF America, call the CT. Banking Commissioner. The number can be found online and they probably have a website. This office will investigate the reason the offices have closed without notice.
    Louise Simpson

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