Eight Photos of Downtown New Canaan in the 1970s

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Last week, we spotlighted 10 great last-minute Christmas gift ideas in downtown New Canaan. This week, with help from the New Canaan Historical Society, we are featuring an album of photos that puts a spotlight on a handful of shops from the past. Here are eight photographs of our downtown from the 1970s.

7 thoughts on “Eight Photos of Downtown New Canaan in the 1970s

  1. Thank you Robert Corey and Syd Greenberg for these shots! (and Michael Dinan for the publishing) Wow, flooding memories… Growing up there was great.

  2. Thanks so very much for these from a ‘Townie Boy’ of that era. I think I see my first car in “Elm Street, some sort of parade,” south side, first car parked on the left; the ’65 Impala.

  3. I absolutely loved the pictures you published. From someone who grew up in New Canaan early on, all of them represented such happy memories for me. I was looking for Patsy Totaro’s Grocery store in the pictures! Louise Higley John

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