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Downtown New Canaan in the 1960s: Eight Photos

For Tuesday’s newsletter, we featured a gallery of eight photos of downtown New Canaan from the 1970s and it ended up as the single most-read item in it. So, today, we’re trying again—this time with eight photos of downtown New Canaan from the 1960s. The photos themselves are from the New Canaan Historical Society. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Longtime Utilities Commission member and chairman Tom Tesluk resigned Nov. 8 from the volunteer group. ***

Two Old Norwalk Road dogs are under home quarantine through Nov. 21—one after biting, the other after scratching a home heating oil man during a service visit at the residence on Election Day. An Eskimo dog bit the man in the left calf, and a boxer mix scratched him. Continue Reading →

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