Visiting Dog Bites 12-Year-Old New Canaan Girl

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A mixed-breed dog from out-of-state is under quarantine for two weeks after biting a 12-year-old girl earlier this month, officials said.

The girl’s wounds, punctures on her upper left thigh, are not considered serious, according to Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control Unit.

The bite occurred on Dec. 1, when the girl visited a next-door neighbor’s house on Siwanoy Lane, according to a police report. She had been accustomed to see a friendly dog there, the report said, but on that Friday found a second canine described as a male “mountain dog mix” there, too, the report said.

The biting animal belongs to a visiting relative, it said. His shots are up-to-date (the dog’s).

Police learned of the bite on Dec. 4 from a pediatric doctor who addressed the wounds, the report said.

Under state law, the offending dog is required to remain under quarantine on the residential property for 14 days. The family member who brought the dog had been planning to remain in New Canaan through Christmas in any case, the police report said.

No tickets were issued.

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