4 thoughts on “Despite Calls To Slow Down, Town Council by 7-3 Vote Approves Redesign of ‘Parterre Garden’ at Waveny

  1. This is sad. I don’t like to see responsible, caring people at odds. I wish some accommodation could have been made as the chairman suggested.

  2. My thoughts coincide with Mr. Peter Hanson’s. Both groups have the interest of Waveny at heart, but in differing ways. After all these years of enjoying the excellent Olmtead designs, it seems curious that it should be changed. Yes, Central Park changed because of expediency of traffic flow. Does Waveny have an expediency issue? It must be maintained to keep its beauty available to everyone as it always has been. With any change, there will be praise but also disapproval. Why risk more rancor. Delay decisions until important studies are completed. As a now public park, Waveny should continue to enjoy, with pride, its distinct heritage of nationally recognized Olmstead preservation standards. Please, everyone, work together for the best results.

  3. Haven’t we learned anything from the most recent “weather rushed” quasi public/private athletic fields project? Albeit a much smaller budget but still seems like we are about to head down “Rush Road” once again.

  4. To the reader who submitted a comment with just a first name and the ‘wavenylover’ email: We require that those submitting comments use full and verifiable first and last names. With new commenters, I also need to ensure that we have an open line, and your email address didn’t work. I received a “non-deliverable” auto-reply. Please either email me separately at editor@newcanaanite.com or submit your comment again with the information we need. Thank you.

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