New Canaan Fire Marshal: Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are an exciting time of year and to help ensure a safe holiday season, here are some tips from the New Canaan Fire Marshal’s Office:


When purchasing an artificial tree, look for the label “Fire Resistant.” When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. A fresh tree is green, needles are hard to pull from branches and when bent between your fingers, needles do not break. The trunk butt of a fresh tree is sticky with resin, and when tapped on the ground, the tree should not lose many needles. When setting up a tree at home, place it away from fireplaces, radiators or portable heaters.

New Canaan Fire Marshal: Thanksgiving Safety

The greatest number of home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving according to the National Fire Protection Association. Unattended cooking is by far the leading contributor in cooking fires. Kids love to help out during holiday preparations. By following a few simple safety tips you can enjoy time with your loved ones and keep you and your family safe from fire. Kitchen Safety Tips

-Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove top so you can keep an eye on the food.

New Canaan Fire Marshal: Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries

This Sunday November 5 at 2 am marks the end of daylight savings. We will “fall back” moving the clock to 1 am, gaining an extra hour of sleep. The New Canaan Fire Marshal’s Office and the New Canaan Fire Department want to remind everyone this is the perfect time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. By being proactive this also helps avoid that annoying “chirp” that inevitably starts at 3 in the morning! 

Smoke alarms with non-replaceable 10 year batteries are designed to remain effective for up to 10 years. If the alarm chirps indicating a low battery, replace the entire smoke alarm right away.

New Canaan Fire Marshal on ‘Home Heating Equipment Safety’

Heating equipment is a leading cause of fires in U.S. homes. These homes include one- and two-family homes and apartments including townhouses and other multi-family dwellings, according to NFPA research. Space heaters were most often responsible for home heating equipment fires from 2015 to 2019, accounting for more than two in five fires as well as the vast majority of deaths and injuries. Approximately two in five home heating equipment fires involved equipment that relied upon a solid fuel such as a wood burning or pellet stove or wood burning fireplace. Smoke inhalation resulting from spread throughout the home is the leading cause of injury and death in home fires.

New Canaan Fire Marshal’s ‘Halloween Safety Tips’

Halloween is a fun and spooky time of year for kids. Make trick-or-treating safe for your children with a few easy safety tips:

When choosing a costume stay away from long, trailing fabric. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough to see out. Provide children with flashlights to carry or use glow sticks as part of their costume. Dried flowers, corn stalks and crepe paper catch fire easily.