10 thoughts on “Baskin-Robbins To Close; Longtime Owner Retiring

  1. I am sad to hear Anna is “hanging up my scoop” (what a great term) but understand completely after so many years of hard work. Visiting her ice cream shop is a joy, and I always hope there is a line just to watch the little children taking time to choose their ice cream and then their sprinkles. It brings back memories of when our own children were that age. Congratulations and thanks, Anna, for so many happy years and faces.

  2. We wish Anna the very best in her well deserved retirement. However my whole family is going to go into 31 Below withdrawal! Anna and Baskin Robbins have been such a constant source of happiness in our community. From the ice cream social at Saxe, New Canaan Youth Field Hockey banquets, best birthday sundae parties, gorgeous cakes for holidays and birthdays and just simply walking in and having Anna remember my name and ask about my family. Hope you do not go far Anna!

  3. You were the best boss any teen could ask for. I loved working for you. Hope you have a great time in your retirement, you deserve it.

  4. Good luck to you Anna – you will be missed in town for sure. Thanks for the ice cream sundae for my mom and all the birthday ice cream cakes. Hopefully someone will take over that will be half as good as you are to the community!

  5. Anna, you are (and always have been) the very best of New Canaan – kindness of heart, generosity of spirit, and hope for future generations. Thank you for your many years of kindness, generosity, and hope. Enjoy the next chapter of your life!

  6. Congratulations on your retirement! This is bittersweet for the Town of New Canaan for sure, but so well deserved. Anna you are one of a kind and always there in a split second to help another with no questions asked. You have touched so many hearts in town and always look for the positive side of any situation. You’re definitely a “fixer” in any given moment!
    Eight years ago you were there by my side when I was dealing with breast cancer. Even with everything you had going on, you took the time out of your busy schedule to feed my family and sit next to me during my chemo treatments. Your kindness and generosity went well above what most people would have done for another, and I will never forget that.
    Thank you for being my friend and I love you very much.

    P.S. I see more trips to the Bronx Little Italy in your future and we all know one State Trooper who when he finds out you’re leaving, is going to be very sad!

  7. WOW! What a loss to not see Anna’s smiling face when she serves a treat to me! For some reason, the treats she serves are sweeter and more delicious when it comes from her kind hand and loving heart. One of my fondest memories is how she lovingly prepared a catpachinio blast, which calmed my belly when I had the rumble, rumble…Here’s to Anna, who is the embodiment of what it means to be a “newcanaanite”. Her decades of selfless service brought true joy into the hearts of tens of thousands and memories which last a lifetime. When the weather warms, I am certain you will see Anna walking in Town with her beloved pets, Rosie, Lola and W. So, Anna, the Town can never repay you for your years of service, and good-wil, but we should emulate your loving leadership. I think, our Town would be a little kinder, gentler, sweeter and loving if WE ALL follow Anna’s act. I wish you purrfection in the next chapter, which I am certain is a chapter, which everyone will follow. Come on New Canaan, let’s pay Anna’s kindness forward!

  8. Say it ain’t so!!! Oh Anna as I read all these wonderful comments I am also reminded of all the years I would bring my littles in for a sweet treat. They always asked for Baskins and you were a big part of their wise choice. I am so grateful that we have become friends and echo what everyone else has said…when you need something, call Anna! Here’s to more free time and to lots more trips to Arthur Avenue! You are the best!!!

  9. Best wishes to you – and your great staff – as you retire. We have so enjoyed the chance to have a family treat at BaskinRobbins. We will miss you very much.

  10. When my granddaughters Riley (6) and Rose (3) visit from NYC, they always ask to go out to dinner and choose a restaurant close to Baskin Robbins. It is not necessarily for the restaurant (sorry!) but is because it is close to Baskin Robbins. They love everything about your shop. You will be sorely missed-not just for the ice cream, but your joy, generosity and kindness is a lesson for us all. You have set a standard that will be hard for anyone to achieve! I hope you will enjoy your retirement for many years to come.

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