CEO: ‘Challenges’ Force Mrs. Green’s To Close New Canaan Store ‘Temporarily’


Mrs. Green’s grocery store in downtown New Canaan is closing “temporarily,” company officials say.

Open since April 2014 and less than one year after pursuing a $100,000 renovation, the company “believes our stores are a place to call home, where families can find locally-grown, organic and natural products that will help them live happier, healthier lives,” CEO Pat Brown told in an email.

“While challenges are forcing us to temporarily close this store, we want to thank all of our customers and our entire team who treated us like family. Mrs. Green’s will work hard to reopen as soon as possible and continue to provide our customers with both healthy-living opportunities and the highest quality all natural and organic products.”

Located at Park and Cherry Streets, the store for several days has seen shelves go unstocked, and its meat and fish counters were empty on Thursday. Mrs. Green’s also had posted signs in the store saying it was experiencing “significant delivery challenges” that it hoped to resolve.

The grocer encountered some speed bumps in the weeks and months that followed its New Canaan launch, as planning officials flagged conspicuous shopping carts and hiring signs in its windows.

New Canaan has been served for 110 years by locally owned Walter Stewart’s Market on Elm Street, and also has an Acme, formerly the Food Emporium.

A new mixed-use building is planned for the property directly south of Mrs. Green’s.

6 thoughts on “CEO: ‘Challenges’ Force Mrs. Green’s To Close New Canaan Store ‘Temporarily’

  1. Unfortunately, if you read the parent company’s recent history, you’ll see that their “temporary” store closings tend to be permanent.

    • Unfortunately there were employees of Mrs Greens who were NOT told anything about what was going on until a few days before the closing and MOST loyal customers who don’t read this paper wee told NOTHING as recently as 3 days before the store closed. The employees and customers deserved much better than we got. Corporate Mrs Greens your behavior and attitude have NO excuse.

  2. I agree, Cam!
    Mrs. Green’s in Wilton opened in September of 2013 and closed
    January 18, 2015. Mrs. Green’s in New Canaan will have that same fate. Prices are very steep and parking is awful. Last month I parked in front of St. A’s and last Thursday morning (around 9:30) I parked near Zumbach’s.
    When it opened, I was hopeful that it would succeed. However, in recent months there appears to be more employees than customers.
    Not a good sign.

  3. Pretty surprising. Yea, the parking situation has always been an issue- have literally intended on going there many times only to go somewhere else when realizing no parking available. The one on High Ridge in Stamford is much less attractive and I have noticed seems to have less stuff.

    • Obviously too late now, but I’ve never found fewer than five open parking spaces in their underground garage – which in itself was a portent for its demise.

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