3 thoughts on “Consultant Presents Baseline Bus Service Costs for Starting School Later

  1. This is an issue that needs prompt and effective action by our elected representatives on the Board of Education. The sense of urgency and results orientation is truly lacking; that needs to change starting now. Parents, the Administration, AND the BOE need to engage in this work asap to come to a set of reasonable and workable solutions that prioritize the health of our children. Hundreds of families have spoken out on this by calling for action via the Start School Later petition; it’s time to listen and act.

  2. Given this weeks “tax shock ” story,bad timing to be discussing
    a $1.4 million increase to school transportation budget. Hopefully the
    BOE will be focusing their time on ways to trim the budget.

  3. Rich,
    I agree! 14 additional buses, 14 additional drivers, 14 additional salaries/benefits that will continue every year, is not the way to go.

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