2 thoughts on “District Unsure How To Spend $500,000 in Cafeteria Funds Recovered Through Insurance

  1. Typical, governmental bureaucratic response.et’s spend it on x. Unfortunately, our Republican First Selectman gave a typical Democrat response of…’let’s spend it on x,’ in this case the nat gas conversion at the schools.

    At least the School Superintendent had the good sense to say put it aside till various investigations are completed, though I am sure he has some spending plans too.

    Before we get carried away with spending this money, did anyone ever consider adding it to a town ‘rainy day’ fund to cover future deficits or to otherwise lower the amount that us taxpayers pay to fund our school system, which is superb, by the way?

  2. Some could argue that the theft was not from the Town, but from the families who auto-paid for student lunches that weren’t ever served. I agree with Dr. Luizzi that we need to wait for the investigation to wrap up. If it’s found that the theft was in any way from student “auto replenish” accounts, those funds need to be returned first to those families from whom it was stolen. So let’s not make grand plans to spend it just yet!

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