2 thoughts on “Dog Attack on Avalon Drive East Results in Verbal Warning [UPDATED]

  1. This is slander . Your article is inaccurate . My son was harassed. And For your information I was seeing a critically ill patient at the time of the phone call I would like this article removed or I will be suing the author as well as the website

    • Thank you for submitting your comment. Everything in this article is attributed to a police incident report obtained through a formal Freedom of Information request. If you feel the facts are not accurate, then please address that with police and, should an addendum report materialize, I will be happy to update this article or write a new one.

      Please note that while you were submitting your comment here threatening legal action, I heard from someone else in your family asking us to remove references to your name as it was causing a personal hardship, and I agreed to do so, since it is never our intention to create new problems for people.

      The story itself will not be deleted, though the lone reference to your family now is contained in your own comment.

      Feel free to call or email me directly to discuss any of this, including a request to remove the comment you posted to the story, at 203-817-1278 or editor@newcanaanite.com.

      Thanks again.

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