First Selectman Candidate Kit Devereaux’s Campaign Outspends Opponent’s in October


The campaign for the Democratic candidate for first selectman raised more money through individual contributions and outspent its Republican counterpart during the month of October, according to newly filed financial disclosure statements.

Kit Devereaux’s campaign raised $4,030 through 27 individual contributions and spent $8,489.29 in October, according to the disclosure statements, filed Tuesday with the New Canaan Town Clerk.

The campaign for Republican first selectman candidate Kevin Moynihan raised $3,950 through nine individual contributions and spent $4,713.21 in the same period, the data says.

The balances as of Nov. 1 for the Devereaux and Moynihan campaigns are $2,960.58 and $5,253.66, respectively.

The “Kit for First” Devereaux campaign spent nearly $800 on lawn signs in October, according to new financial disclosure information. Credit: Michael Dinan

The two single-largest expenditures for the Devereaux campaign to date came during October: $3,677.45 to Universal Printing on postcards, and $2,501 to the New Canaan Advertiser on an ad. The campaign also spent $790.82 to Super Cheap Signs for lawn signs.

To date, the Moynihan campaign has paid the New Canaan Advertiser $17,408 for ads, according to disclosure statements—about 44 percent of the campaign’s total spending. The figure includes $3,054 during October—the campaign’s largest single payee for the month.

The next-largest expenditures for the Moynihan campaign in October were $440.29 to FedEx and $407.50 paid to Maria Weingarten, the campaign’s deputy treasurer, for yard signs and H-frames. (Weingarten also had been paid $213.28 for food and beverages on July 19, according to an earlier financial disclosure form—one day after the Moynihan won GOP backing at the Republican caucus.)

Prior to the caucus, the Moynihan campaign had spent $27,130.18, according to an analysis of financial disclosure forms—including on yard and other signs, bumper magnets, stickers, flyers and handouts.

Since then, the campaign has spent $12,823.10 while the Devereaux campaign has spent $10,409.42, according to the financial disclosures.

Overall, the Moynihan campaign has spent $39,953.28, according to Tuesday’s financial disclosure statement.

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  1. To clarify, the $213.38 since it was referenced above, is for water, ice pops and ice cream sandwiches purchased from Costco on Friday 7/14 for Saturday 7/15 Sidewalk Sale and reimbursed right after the caucus as you mentioned in your article. Hundreds of attendees happily consumed these items on that hot and sunny day.

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