7 thoughts on “Grand List’s Real Estate To Decline by 7.15 Percent, Preliminary Results Show

  1. Sadly roads after Nursery are not included here. Do you have the additional data? Could you provide it for the roads from P-Z? Thank you.

  2. I had the same problem — I can’t read the file on my computer — went to ups store to see if I could see it on theirs — no luck error msg — but can read on my Ipad — but only up to Oak st — told by the assessor office yesterday that it a window problem — you need latest update of windows

    maybe they should break it into 2 files

  3. To the reader who submitted a comment on this article under the name ‘Robert Sullivan’: We require that readers use full and verifiable names in the comments threads. It’s not enough to use a name that’s real-looking—you must verify your identity. I tried emailing the Yahoo address you attached to your comment, and it bounced back as undeliverable. Feel free to email or phone me (editor@newcanaanite.com, 203-817-1278) if you want to try again. Thanks.

  4. The average property tax bill increase will likely be ~10% for those in the under $1 million assessment group (this group is over half the town), and that assumes close to a flat town budget.

    How does one get to that number? ~4,200 out of ~7,400 properties in the under $1 million assessment group saw an average increase of 1% in their assessments. The likely 8% mill rate increase (to offset the grand list decline of 7.15% and get back to par) plus a little extra spending on the operating budget this year (call it 1%+) if our town representatives decide not to hold the spending budget flat at most.

    And what will it do to our property values when we have a mill rate ~19 when Westport and Darien are ~16 and Greenwich is ~12?

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