8 thoughts on “First Selectman: Playground at Kiwanis Should Be Relocated to Waveny Pool

  1. What’s going on here? – Why is This park under attack? – The main question should be is why the town have not maintained this park in the level that other parks are? – People moved near here because of this park – You take funds away – Property Valves near this park will fall.

  2. The Kiwanis Park is a lovely area that needs love and is one of the most family friendly parks around especially for our littlest ones. We should give it the change it deserves. In addition, the pool is only available to some but not all residents and has a limited time of operation. If the pool area in Waveny is to be the home then different access needs to be considered to make it available then just the limited summer season.

  3. Kevin should pick on people his own size, not toddlers and elementary school children. Geez. How about managing the gas co and the water co who are tearing up our roads with no relief/repairs in sight. Just check out Field Crest Road and Village Drive and see for yourself.

  4. I’ve never brought my grandkids there because I didn’t know there was a playground there. Has anyone asked the parents at Mead Park why they don’t take their kids to Kiwanis? Is lack of knowledge the reason it is not used? Do facilities need to be upgraded? I think the problem needs to be more thoroughly identified. Myself, I would LOVE to see a splash zone so I didn’t have to drive my little guys to neighboring towns for fun play.

  5. A new sign letting the public know what is available to them at Kiwanis Park which includes a sandy beach, child swim area, adult swim area, life guards, a new child swing and climbing area, showers and leg wash area and bathrooms. In addition for the beach large umbrellas costing a couple of thousand each for this year. So without a new and updated sign the park would be thought of as just another park to jog or walk like Waveny or Irwin. Also People drive buy often associate Kiwanis with the child care center in the front and new residents don’t catch on to the parks existence for years and years.

  6. We moved to the neighborhood 2 years ago – and the park was a key attraction for us…..little did we know that its the least cared for park in New Canaan.

    I find the First Selectman’s ongoing assault on Kiwanis park sickening.
    He seems very happy to use the park for the Exchange Club Christmas tree sale (that’s all he seems to think the park is good for), but meanwhile he is actively starving the park of funds for its basic operation.

    • I agree with you, Robin. My family lived here for over 22 years and Kiwanis Park was the main attraction for us with our then two-year old son. However, we all agree that it has not been maintained to the same extent as New Canaan’s other parks.
      Case in point, when the 50+ year old benches near the basket ball court became rusty, my teenage son sanded and painted them annually for 5 years. Kiwanis Park has been neglected for years just like Bristow Bird Sanctuary.
      Now Kevin is interested in removing the playground and the focus is in an open ice rink (New Canaanite December 10 2019):
      “(Commissioner) Goodman noted that some $500,000 to $750,000 would need to be fundraised in order to run the proposed rink for two trial years.” Sounds to me like another Athletic Fields overrun project.

  7. Hi Robin – why don’t you organize a Saturday or Sunday in March or early April and invite the town to come down and help do a spring cleaning of the Park. You can see what kind of supplies that we need (sounds like sandpaper and paint has been an issue for years) and see if some local businesses will donate that – if not that is not possible – I am sure some folks would be happy to contribute a bit of money as well as time. I expect the town can supply some extra trash bags for whatever needs to be picked up and even pick an extra project that they think could be helpful to be done. We would be happy to help out with our kids, and a good way to show off the park to families, and see if they want to purchase a season pass for the summer. Include the folks selling Christmas trees in the discussion – I am sure they are keen for the park to continue to look good.

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