‘Frozen in Fear’: Cat Found Dumped in Waveny Is Up for Adoption

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A domestic shorthair cat that officials say likely was “dumped” in Waveny is now up for adoption. 

Here is the dumped cat, found “frozen in fear” in Waveny on Sept. 24. Photo published with permission from its owner

A woman came across the white-silver tabby on the afternoon of Sept. 24 and thought the cat injured because the animal didn’t move as she passed with a leashed dog, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section.

The approximately 5- to 10-year-old cat was “found curled in a ball, frozen in fear in the parking lot across from the main house,” Halm said.

Because the cat didn’t move when Halm approached, police thought she must’ve been severely injured. But the animal was just frightened, Halm said.

“We believe she was abandoned in that spot,” Halm said.

It isn’t clear who may have dumped the cat—there are no surveillance cameras inside Waveny or even at its two motor vehicle entrances.

The cat was taken to New Canaan Veterinary Hospital and kept overnight, and now is in the Police Department’s Animal Shelter at the dump. She has a sweet personality, Halm said, though her coat still appears somewhat disheveled from the recent ordeal.

Those interested in adopting the cat should contact Animal Control at 203-594-3510.

4 thoughts on “‘Frozen in Fear’: Cat Found Dumped in Waveny Is Up for Adoption

  1. This is so upsetting. Makes me want to cry. Why would a park be a good place for a cat to live—especially with fall and winter approaching?! Put your animal up for adoption and try to rehome it and don’t ever abandon it!!!

  2. Beautiful animal. There are so many shelters that would have taken this cat – how cruel to abandon her exposed to the many dangers of a wooded area.

  3. I am at present unable to “foster” this sweet cat. Maybe some kind person could contact Officer Halm and ask if this can be arranged????
    She must be really frightened alone at the dump. Thank you to Officer Halm for rescuing this kitty and to the woman who called for help.

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