4 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: Helter Skelter, Fall(out) Shelter

  1. Susan Gelvin nails the back to school frenzy. Again, a great writer. Loved the description of the mess of the middle school portal–and finally succeeding in getting through it, “… rush a hacker must get when passing the Pentagon firewall.”

  2. Another great article. As always your writing shines when talking about your family. By the way, I may have to take over school supply shopping next year – there is nothing I enjoy more! (Except maybe a trip to the Container Store.) I begged my college student to let me go with him! How are we related?

  3. Suze, I think this is your best one yet! And I didn’t think that was possible! So funny and love how you tied it to the Hurricane Dorian. Bravo!

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