‘It Was Extremely Hot Out So I Ran into Starbucks’: Parking Ticket Appeals


Elm Street in New Canaan. MS photo

The Parking Commission recently received the following written appeals from ticketed motorists.


The appellant submitted this photo and others with the written appeal. Photo courtesy of the Parking Bureau

“This is my vehicle that is parked in front of my house, which we have owned for over 40 years. Since we don’t have a ‘drive-in’ paved driveway, we park in front partly off the pavement, as indicated by the induced photo. The front of the house is our driveway, essentially. Over the 40+ years of both residing and renting out this house, we have occasionally parked driver-side-in depending on which way we arrived and which end of the car needed access for loading. Never once was there a ticket or even a warning as to how we were parking in which we considered our driveway. If this was a ticketable offense, again one would think that it would have received a ticket or even a warning any of the 100’s of times over the past 40+ years. I firmly believe that this deserved at least a warning, thus I object and request that it is withdrawn.”

—New Canaan resident 


Nice job. MS photo

“I want to preface this by saying that I realize that ignorance is not a valid excuse. I was really under the impression that no charge parking was still in effect. I work at Chef Prasad on Main /Street and almost always I park o the street daily at 4 p.m. I never saw a sign on Main Street informing me of the new policy. I also never received anything in the mail at the restaurant. If I am still obligated to pay the fine, please let me know.”

—Stratford resident 


Upper Elm Street in New Canaan. MS photo

I was visiting your beautiful town on July 7th in the afternoon. It was extremely hot out so I ran into Starbucks to grab a drink for my 90 year old father. I could not find a spot, it was so busy that day so I pulled over and left my car running with my dad in the air conditioning. I came back immediately to find a ticket on my windshield.”

—$30 for parking in a non-space on Elm Street at 2:09 p.m. on July 7


“I live at 12 Brushy Ridge—corner of River St. I was NOT aware of the sign stating no parking allowed. I have lived at this address for 17 years and was always allowed to have friends park on River St. I also do not walk on that street so was not aware of the sign. Please allow this to be forgiven.”

—$30 for no parking zone on River Street, at 3:21 p.m. on June 23 (New Canaan resident)

Elm Street in New Canaan. MS photo


“I’d like to dispute this ticket since I went to move my car at 12:30 (time expected to be mixed) and a mail truck was blocking my vehicle + in my attempt to find the mail person I was not able to b/c he or she was not near sight. I went up to my office to a meeting and even after 15 min (picture taken from my window) mail truck was still blocking me. When I finished my meeting I went down & I already had a ticket. Please consider removing my fine as I feel it was out of my control to get the car moved within the time manner.”

—$25 for overtime parking on Elm Street, at 1:05 p.m. on June 2 (New Canaan resident)

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