Letter: Rob Fryer’s Experience Makes Him Better Town Treasurer Candidate


Rob’s career at Deloitte lasted almost fifty years, including 34 years as a senior partner and this experience working with large corporations in their finance and accounting areas made him an expert in all aspects of finance and accounting. This broad expertise enables him to provide the following benefits if elected as our Treasurer:

While the responsibilities of a Town Treasurer are prescribed by state law and he will execute them seriously, he is ready to use his broad expertise to assist town government with the broader aspects of cash and debt management and the control of expenditures.

He has many years of experience in internal financial controls and hopes to participate in preventing material weaknesses in the future.

Rob is no longer working and will perform his duties as Treasurer at town hall during regular office hours and this will enable him to interact with town officials, from First Selectman down, when questions arise that could utilize his expertise.

Rob’s opponent, Andrew Brooks, has a bachelor’s degree in economics and history and a full time job with Accenture in finance and risk management. Since Andrew’s college degree is not in finance and accounting, he must rely on working as a team member on Accenture projects to acquire expertise in finance and accounting. Given the limited time Andrew has worked in the complex business area of finance and accounting, I consider him to be a neophyte who needs several more years of experience to even approach Rob’s level of expertise.

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