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Dear Fellow New Canaanites, 

While strolling through our town on two recent mornings, I wrote with sidewalk chalk, purchased at a local toy store, the following phrases: “Save Gaza”, “Save Rafah”, “All Eyes on Rafah”. 

I wrote these messages in daylight, at time when many folks are running their errands, hoping to invite conversations about the ongoing civilian catastrophe and US involvement in what many around the world view is a deeply asymmetric response to October 7th. Especially with the latest bombardment of Rafah, I felt compelled to find a small way to raise awareness for the tragic and preventable loss of life there. 

Throughout the morning I had several people thank me for what I was doing. Some people were less thankful, but respectfully asked for explanations about my actions. We were able to exchange views, challenge assumptions, and engaged in the only thing that will bring a divided community together: dialogue. Later, when a security guard kindly asked me to stop writing at a location, I helped him erase the chalk markings with a bottle of water.

I was aware that not all would agree with my actions and I was prepared for those conversations as well. I was not bothered by the scowls or accusations of ‘ignorance’ thrown against me because I know that between two community members, there is always more common ground than division. Even thought it was disconcerting that a car followed me to my house and filmed me walking home, when the NCPD politely asked me to stop with the chalk, I did. With the rain coming later that night to wash away the messages, I had assumed the issue was over. Apparently, I was wrong. 

 I was surprised to learn that New Canaan citizens in a political forum were falsely accusing my brother, a graduate nursing student at Yale and a volunteer since 2018 with New Canaan EMS, as somehow responsible not only for the chalk but for vandalism against New Canaan.  Not only was I confused with my brother, but we were also accused of crimes neither of us committed. As reported in the New Canaanite, vandals have broken community infrastructure in Bristow Sanctuary & Wildwood Preserve and have left their tags across New Canaan. Shockingly, my chalk messages supporting Gaza are being conflated with these acts of vandalism and destruction. I hope that those quick to accuse me- or my family- of anything more than my actions stop their slander. As a tax paying community member, I want nothing more than the clean, safe and accessible parks we are so lucky to enjoy, and- equally- acknowledge the privilege I have in this country to raise awareness when our tax dollars are used to deny Palestinian civilians safety, homes, food, water, and even the right to life.


Adrian Antonioli

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. You are an embarrassment to this town, to myself and to the other Jewish people in town, you offended us all. Don’t try to make excuses. What about the posts on your social media page regarding your hatred for Jews? You must of embarrassed your mother who works for the town. You should have been prosecuted!

  2. Dear Adrian,
    defacing town property, even if it is done with chalk, is deplorable – especially when the message has little to no support outside of a select group of students and faculty, notably those who have no respect for the economic, cultural and social structures of the United States. The so called “dialogue” would have to include the rest of the viewpoints expressed by anti-Israel protesters – which includes denunciation of capitalism, meritocracy, equality of opportunity, and so on. It is also amusing that many of the individuals who support such ideas have themselves accomplished next to nothing, living off of family trusts and fortunes earned by their grandfathers and great-grandfathers (who themselves escaped Nazi regime in 1930’s) – yet they still attempt to lecture the rest of population (who pay taxes on their earnings, not withdrawals) about how these taxes should and should not be allocated.

  3. I am appalled that our town officials have made no comment and our Ncpd renders no charges to a known Jew hater. Look at his social media. When a known Jew hater does this it is a crime. Town DPW needed to expend resources to remove the hateful writings on private property. I as a Jew was offended, hurt and saddened. That is breach of the peace and creating a public nuisance and defacing public property.

    So this privileged St Luke’s graduate believes he has been ordained to teach town residents to condemn Israel and support Hamas.

    So Adrian supports the raping, beating and mutilation of innocent women and children and the beheading of babies. He supports campus violence and the unlawful blocking of Jewish students from their classes and college activities.

    I suppose you believe the Holocaust never happened.

    Hamas and Hezbollah have unrelentously bombed cafes, buses and killed innocent Israelis. Hamas attacked and murdered 1,200 innocent Israelis on Oct 7. Iran fired a barrage of ballistic missles at Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself.

    Israel has occupied these lands before Christ was born. Jesus was a rabbi and lived in Jerusalem.

    Israel has always provided food, water, electricity, oil etc to Palestine and Gaza.

    Your beloved Hamas Adrian uses their own people as human shields, hide in hospitals and schools. You do not know what you are talking about.

    You are nothing more than a Jew hating brainwashed radical. You did-respect the law and are a racist. Plain and simple. A self anointed privileged brat.

    My late father, a Jew spent 4 years in a French foxhole and survived the battle of the bulge so you can enjoy your freedoms. His brother, another Jew, gave it all. He was killed at the battle of the bulge. I am named after him. Jews who fought to preserve your family and your freedoms. My father suffered with PTSD his entire post war life.

    You know nothing, you are a disgrace and the epitome of what ails America today.

    Sadly our PD and town executives do nothing but enable your behavior.

    Perhaps the “Gentleman’s Agreement is alive and well in New Canaan.

    You want a debate. This Jew will debate you anytime, any day, anywhere in town. Your chance to enlighten me.

    Roy A Abramowitz

  4. I am surprised to see the reactions to Adrian’s Letter to the Editor here. What they did and what they are asking for people to do – pay attention to a mass atrocity being committed with our government’s support and our tax money – is not something to vilify. People are welcome to their opinions about the support for the ongoing assault of the Israeli government on the Palestinian people, but Adrian asking for people to pay attention is not wrong and it is not harmful.
    The reality is that we can hold both truths. 10/7 was a horrible thing and all Americans eyes were rightly on Israel. However, since then the Israeli military has murdered over 36,000 Palestinians, including over 15,000 children in eight months. This is an unprecedented number of children killed in such a short time post-WWII. 70% of civilian infrastructure is destroyed and now a forced famine is occurring due to the Israeli siege on Gaza. Barely any food has been let into Gaza in the last 20 days, there is no clean water, and no medical supplies are entering the Gaza strip. I would like to remind people that children are the first to die from dehydration and starvation.
    As a Catholic, I believe all life is inherently precious and a gift. We cannot ignore the mass atrocities being committed with our weapons and money against the Palestinian people. I implore you to seek humanity and to support a ceasefire, which includes the return of all hostages. This is the only way to lasting peace for all people who live in the Holy Land.
    Adrian is right. All Eyes on Rafah.