Meet Sean Godejohn, Our New Animal Control Officer [Q&A]


New Canaan Animal Control Officer Sean Godejohn. Credit: Michael Dinan

Sean Godejohn, New Canaan’s new animal control officer, started in his position this month, working with Officer Allyson Halm, who is retiring this summer after eight years in the job. A graduate of Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Godejohn holds an associate’s degree in criminal justice and law enforcement from Naugatuck Valley Community College.

We caught up with Godejohn on a recent morning at New Canaan Police headquarters. 

Here’s our interview.

New Canaanite: What was your position prior to coming to New Canaan?

Officer Sean Godejohn: I was the East Haven Animal Control Officer. 

And how long were you in that role? 

Eight years. 

What did you do prior to East Haven?

I was an animal control officer in Waterbury for almost three years.

What was your interest in applying for New Canaan? 

I applied for New Canaan because it was a bump up. Where I was before I was an assistant and here I run my own department.

And what are your first impressions of the community, the department, the town?

Everyone’s been really nice so far. It’s great. Everyone’s eager to help me. The community so far has been great. People are reaching out to assist me in anything I might need.

What are some of the differences in issues in terms of domestic pets and wildlife between East Haven and New Canaan? What are you sort of anticipating are going to be some of the unique things about this role here? 

In New Canaan, I’ve noticed already that there’s a lot of wildlife. I never dealt with bears before, and Allyson does deal with a lot of bears and a lot of wildlife. Where in East Haven a lot of issues came from roaming dogs and aggressive dogs and things like that, here it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue here. It’s a lot more wildlife.

What would you say you’re most looking forward to in the ACO role here? 

A lot of what I’ve done as an animal control officer translates over to here. My favorite thing about animal control is really just being able to help people and help their pets in any way, shape or form. I’ve always been big into helping people and that’s why I got into this. And I love animals and I love helping the animals. 

Did you grow up in this area, the state? 

I grew up in Naugatuck. I was born in New Milford.

Is there anything else that you want our readers to know? Are you a dog owner? Cat owner? Anything like that?

I’ve got two rescue dogs. And I’ve got three cats. One of my cats is a diabetic. One dog, Daytona, I got her from Waterbury. She was hit by a police car and I rushed her to the vet. She got stitched up and then I ended up adopting her. She was out roaming and never got redeemed. Also, I’m an Eagle Scout with Troop 102 out of Naugatuck. I also have a citation from the American Red Cross for saving a life when I was a lifeguard at Black Rock. 

Black Rock in Bridgeport?

Black Rock State Park in Watertown. 

A drowning incident? 


What’s your other dog’s name? 

I have Daytona and Oscar. 

What are your cat’s names? 

Gaius, Momo and Arthur. 

Who’s the diabetic?


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