Mystery Woman’s Labrador Retriever Bites Dog on Land Trust Property


Police say the department investigated a complaint about an unleashed dog biting another canine on a New Canaan Land Trust-owned property recently.

At about 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 18, an officer was dispatched to a Ponus Ridge home following a complaint about the encounter, according to an incident report obtained by following a Freedom of Information Act request.

There, the owner of a pit bull mix told the officer that a black Labrador retriever had attacked her dog in a wooded area near Woodridge Circle, the report said.

The woman said a white woman about 45 years old owned the black Lab and was unable to provide further information about the attacking dog’s owner, it said.

The unknown owner told the woman that her dog was up-to-date on its shots and that dogs do not need to be leashed in the Land Trust area, the report said.

The officer reported seeing cuts on the forehead and cheek areas of the victim dog, it said.

The woman said she was taking her pit mix to the vet for evaluation, it said.

The following day, the head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section phoned the victim dog’s owner, leaving a message, and also advised the head of the Land Trust about the incident.

The nonprofit organization’s 42-acre Watson-Symington Woodlands property is located off of nearby Wellesley Drive.

One thought on “Mystery Woman’s Labrador Retriever Bites Dog on Land Trust Property

  1. I was walking there with a friend and our two dogs a few months ago. A black lab with a plaid collar was off leash and became aggressive with our dogs. I had to kick the dog because it attacked our dogs. The dog ran off and the woman who owned him showed up as we were leaving. She said he had never attacked anyone before. When we were leaving, we saw her loading up into a car with Stamford stickers on it. I wish I remembered more about the vehicle. I don’t like to go places where people can bring their dogs. It is too unpredictable. I have only done it a handful times and we have been attacked three times.

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