2 thoughts on “NCHS Students Weigh In on Proposed Ban on Thin Plastic Bags

  1. Bravo NCHS Student Coalition! It will be up to our young people to get these life saving initiatives done. I agree with their confusion over the issue of why we wouldn’t do this. We made this mess and now we need everyone to step up and help turn the tide!

  2. Hats off to the NCHS students who have taken up the cause of thin plastic bags which are cluttering our homes, schools, streets and waterways! We do not need these bags and, with a little forethought, can replace them with alternative, reusable bags! I was also pleased to hear that our young people are addressing the problem of plastic in our waterways along with the 4Ocean Movement! The NCHS students who have taken up this cause should be supported as they stand against thin plastic bags and other pollutants in our environment! Bravo!

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