New Canaan Fire Officials: Ensure Building Addresses Are Clear and Visible

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The New Canaan Fire Department in conjunction with the Fire Marshal is embarking on an initiative to make certain that all buildings are appropriately marked with their address number. Emergency responders, Fire, Police and EMS, have the difficult task of locating an address in a critical situation; one that may mean the difference between life and death. 

In this regard it is imperative that street numbers must be displayed and visible to the street according to the Town Code. Numbers should ideally be four inches high with good color contrast. It is recommended by the Fire Department that both front and rear entry and exit doors be marked on commercial properties. 

There are specific definitions for businesses, condominiums, shared driveways and private homes more than 50 feet from the road and/or not clearly visible. The section of the Town code that refers to street numbering is on our website here.

If you have any additional questions regarding fire safety or need assistance marking your building, please call the New Canaan Fire Marshal’s Office at 203-594-3030. 

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