New Canaan Music: Banjo, Ukelele Trending in Town


By Michael Dinan

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[ asked Jim O’Neill and Phil Williams of New Canaan Music to give townies something they’d like on a Tuesday morning, and they came up with “Rocky Top”—have a listen. Jim is on a “u-bass” and Phil a Martin D-41.]

Phil Williams, owner of New Canaan Music—located down the alley at the top of Elm Street—says two instruments are trending right now among musicians and aspiring musicians in town: ukelele and banjo.

“People want to do something different,” Williams said Tuesday morning from inside the store he opened six months ago. New Canaan Music offers instrument rentals and sales, as well as lessons.

Banjo lessons are trending especially among women in town, he said.

“It’s like they want to prove to their husbands that they can play it, and they really can,” Williams said as he and store manager Jim O’Neill gave us a little music (see video above).

Here’s where to find New Canaan Music:

This is a screen grab of a Google map of downtown New Canaan. The Candy Scoop is located where the arrow is pointing, right beside New Canaan Music. This is a screen grab of a Google map of downtown New Canaan. New Canaan Music (and The Candy Scoop) are located where the arrow is pointing.

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