New Canaan Woman, 71, Charged with DUI


Police on March 4 arrested a 71-year-old New Canaan woman and charged her with driving under the influence.

At about 4:57 p.m. that Monday, officers responded to a Silvermine Road home in an attempt to reach a person with a registered vehicle at that address who had been involved in an evading car crash in Darien, according to a police report.

Arriving, police saw the car in the driveway with a female driver, the report said. The officers spoke with the driver and identified her, it said.

Police found that she was impaired, though not due to alcohol, the report said. They saw numerous prescription bottles in the vehicle’s center console, in plain view, it said.

After conducting field sobriety tests, police charged the woman with the misdemeanor offense. She provided both breath and urine samples during booking at police headquarters.

She was released on $357 bond and scheduled to appear March 18 in state Superior Court.

More information on this arrest is available on the NCPD website.

4 thoughts on “New Canaan Woman, 71, Charged with DUI

    • Roy thank you for submitting your comment (mostly).
      We only publish the names of arrested people in specific cases, including felony-level violent arrests, animal cruelty cases and when there’s a public service in doing so (such as with a scamming contractor or thieving nanny).
      The reason we do not publish the names of people in other cases, including DUIs, is because we don’t believe there’s any public service in doing so. The opposite, in fact, since news sites like ours get crawled by search engines and that can make it very hard for someone who had a lapse in judgment or just bad luck to get a job or a date—consequences that go beyond anything that the criminal justice system intended, in my opinion.
      At the same time, you are reminding me that we have put a new policy in place whereby we link to the police department’s page for readers who want more specifics about an arrest than we normally would share. So I’ve added a sentence to the end of this story with that info.
      Thank you again for your comment, mostly. Mike

  1. Mike: I wholeheartedly agree with your policy on those matters as I suspect most people do for the reasons you mentioned. We had enough of that name reporting nonsense for decades in our town in another local publication. Thank You, Tom Cassidy

  2. Great policy, people interested in optic shaming of others, should always consider googling family names, other publications do name names. Interesting results, but unneeded journalistic fill . Thanks Mike JR

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