Park Street Cat under Home Quarantine after Biting Owner


A Park Street cat is under a 2-week home quarantine after biting its owner after the most recent rabies vaccination had expired, police say.

It happened at about 11:42 on May 17, according to New Canaan Police Animal Control Officer Maryann Kleinschmitt.

“With cats, their behavior is that you pet them and then you stop, and they’ll use their paws or their teeth to get your attention,” she said. “This was a nip but it caused an abrasion and someone who is elderly can get an infection, so the doctor put this woman on an antibiotic and the cat is being kept in her basement until May 30.”


At about 3:13 p.m. on May 16, a sick raccoon was reported to be idling in the front yard of a West Hills Road home.

There, police saw the raccoon, determined that it was sick and put it down. The animal was not in direct contact with any people or domestic pets, police said.


At 5:31 p.m. on May 12, a passerby reported to police that a dog was left in a car at 94 Park St. Police arrived on scene to determine if the animal was in danger of heat exposure, but its owner returned within 10 minutes.

The report followed by hours a widely discussed incident where a dog had been left unattended in a nearly sealed car in front of New Canaan Library, as the temperature inside the car climbed to 92 degrees.

In that case, the owner told police she’d been gone 40 minutes—the dog was OK, and police warned the owner against the practice.

The spot where the dog was found in the car that evening—at 94 Park—is also where police in March discovered an abandoned Chihuahua. That dog, a 6-month-old puppy starving and suffering with a painful case of mange at the time, has been rehabbed by the staff at New Canaan Veterinary Hospital, and last week was adopted out.

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