2 thoughts on “Parks & Rec Weighs Town Support in Maintenance of Waveny Disc Golf Course

  1. An interesting note….I remember when a group was attempting to put a dog park in that part of the Waveny property. There was quite a bit of pushback about any kind of development of that area. Some involving the displacement of wildlife, the value of the land, the future of that parcel of land, the effects of people and dogs in one of the “last” undeveloped areas etc. etc. etc. I am guessing most people in New Canaan have no idea that an 18 hole Frisbee golf course has been created on that land with little, if any, public outcry.

  2. The article is saying in 2007 the course was put in by volunteers with a small amount of assistance from the Town. A long time ago, the area was an equine facility and there were various trails, roads, and small clearings in the woods as well as openings among trees. I don’t play the sport, but I frequently walk the trails and enjoy the wildlife. The individuals play between the trees – and that is part of the sport. It is not like a golf course where you play in openings. For fourteen years this group of volunteers has maintained not just the course, but also the network of trails that are frequented by walkers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers. The popularity of the area has picked up over the years both for walkers and disc golf players and the group was just asking for some help maintaining the course and the walking trails. This group of volunteers should be commended. Most public-private partnerships in Town just deal with raising funds. I don’t know of any that raise the funds and then provide all of the elbow grease to maintain it for fourteen years.

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