8 thoughts on “Podcast: Board of Ed Candidate Matt Wexler

  1. Mike— I enjoy this series of interviews. It truly gives the residents of town an accurate view of who are running for elected office.

    • You and members of your organization have a tradition of generous financial support of the political parties, and in at least one case individual candidates in New Canaan.
      Please let the community know who you will be financially supporting this year in the New Canaan BOE race (if anyone). It is important that this is known as the potential growth in student population over the coming years is one of the issues on the table for the next BOE. It appears like 89 new students have been projected based on the proposed 751 Weed Street and Hill Street projects https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/2489/NCPS/3030955/NCPS_Projections_2022_23.pdf. (page 14).

  2. Can you explain what you mean “by my or my organizations traditional generous financial support” what the actual contributions might be
    You seem to imply something nefarious.

    Additionally, you mention an additional 89 additional students coming from the housing we are proposing. The demographic report (historically incorrect) is certainly inaccurate based on actual facts

    Let’s go to actual facts. The old Merritt apartments had 20+ units and approximately 18 students. The Vue with 99 units ( rentals and condos) has less than 10 school children. Why let facts get in the way of your continued dislike of diverse housing in New Canaan

  3. Political contributions are part of the financial record either at the state level https://seec.ct.gov/Portal/eCRIS/eCrisSearch or at the town level (Town Clerk), anybody can search this and frankly it is part of a right as any American citizen to contribute to political organizations / causes. You and other members of your organization exercise that right. As you are not a voter in New Canaan (that I can tell), but were commenting on the New Canaan BOE race, you would appear to have a view but not a vote on who would be best. A way to know who you support is who you financially contribute to, or are your just making a general comment to readers to listen to the podcasts (which I would agree with you on that). As for the statistics the BOE is using, as they would appear to be a basis for some possible discussion about physical expansion of the schools (i.e. construction) I would encourage you to provide your view on those statistics to the BOE so the town / BOE is working on good assumptions and any investments made are well grounded.

  4. “…not letting the outside world in…..”
    “New Canaan isn’t New Canaan if the outside world enters NC”
    Is it just me or does this raise any questions in anyone’s mind?

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