Police: Graffiti Investigation ‘Open and Ongoing’ 


Bristow Park on March 26, 2024. Credit: Kirsten Slusar Bossin

New Canaan Police say they’ve investigated 30 instances of vandalism so far in 2024, and that nearly half of them (14) are related to graffiti that appeared in recent weeks in the greater downtown area.

Those instances include damage to a USPS mailbox, Bristow Park, dumpsters and public and private property, according to Lt. Marc DeFelice, the department’s public information officer.

Citing information supplied by investigating Officer Nicole Vartuli, he said the graffiti is “consistent with some of the graffiti tags found in the downtown area [that] have been reported at the entrance fence of the land conservation on West Road.”

“There has also been graffiti reported at the entrance bridge of the Land Trust [property] on Weed Street,” he said.

Asked whether the vandalism in the parks and downtown are believe to be linked or from a single perpetrator, DeFelice said, “There have been four different graffiti tags identified that may or may not be related. NCPD has not identified any suspects at this time. We do not believe this is gang related or affiliated with any outside groups or gangs.”

Vartuli, NCPD’s community impact officer, “is actively investigating these various complaints” and “has done a great job” doing so, DeFelice said.

“The locations that have been tagged by graffiti are all in the process of being cleaned,” he said. “No further investigative information at this time.”

Members of the public are asked to contact police immediately if they observe suspicious activity, DeFelice said.

“We urge any residence or business owners who have security cameras to contact Officer Vartuli at 203-594-3500,” he said. “Remember to keep all exterior building areas well- lit with motion sensing light technology.”

Tips also may be made anonymously to police.

“The investigation is open and ongoing at this time,” DeFelice said.

3 thoughts on “Police: Graffiti Investigation ‘Open and Ongoing’ 

  1. I really hope the police can catch the individuals who are vandalizing our town and its treasures. Consequences must provided so that these persons learn to respect our beautiful nature preserves and property. We as a community must find those persons in our midst who need to learn important lessons from this, and to demonstrate to everyone that this is not acceptable behavior. If you see something, please say something!

  2. After a significant expense of time and money, the graffiti that defaced the walkways and benches in Bristow Park has been addressed thanks to Tiger Mann and the Parks Team. I sincerely hope the culprits are brought to light and made to make amends for the damage done. Let’s all enjoy the natural beauty of our open spaces and public parks.

  3. Thirty (30) instances of vandalism SO FAR in 2024! Nearly half of them (14) are related to graffiti. Not gang related? Well, who else does that sort of tagging? What was the other cases of vandalism? What is going on???!!! Even if they get caught, what’s going to be done to them? Nothing. This is NOT acceptable.

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