Injured Goose Found Shot with Arrow; Police Euthanize Bird


Authorities say they were forced to euthanize a Canada goose on Tuesday after the bird had been shot by an arrow.

The injured goose was spotted in the morning by a Green Meadow Lane homeowner who contacted police, according to New Canaan Police Department Animal Control Officer Sean Godejohn.

“The goose was struck in the rear tail feather area,” he told “The goose seemed to have discomfort and issues walking.”

Police are investigating.

The penalty for shooting a goose with an arrow is a charge of animal cruelty, Godejohn said. Under state law, “[a]ny person who maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, wounds or kills an animal shall, (1) for a first offense, be guilty of a class D felony.” A first offense carries a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in prison, or both, under the law.

Please notify animal control if you know of any instances of people harming wildlife or domestic animals,” Godejohn said.

Animal Control Officer Sean Godejohn can be reached at 203-594-3510 or

3 thoughts on “Injured Goose Found Shot with Arrow; Police Euthanize Bird

  1. Hard to believe that someone would do something so cruel as to shoot a goose with an arrow. Really sad that now the goose won’t be able to care for its goslings. Thank you, Animal Control, for enforcing the law.

  2. This hateful act is likely not the first one committed by this cruel person. And not the last strike either. This type of personality is a repeater. Thanks to our police who are investigating this crime! It must have been sad for the officer who had to euthanize the mother of her goslings.

  3. That ” person?” who did that should know God knows who they are and He will bring vindication against them. Every life matters. God created everything.

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