Police Report: Three Pro-Republican Signs Vandalized Before Election Day


About one week before Election Day, police responded to a New Canaan woman’s complaint regarding vandalized political signs, documents show.

The Clearview Lane resident told police that at about 9 p.m. on Oct. 23 (a Friday), she placed three political signs at the entrance to her driveway, according to an incident report from Officer Nicholas Falbo that NewCanaanite.com obtained through a public records request.

At noon the following day, she found that each of the three pro-Republican signs had been vandalized, the report said.

“One sign was a police badge that was on the ground with string wrapped around it,” the report said. 

“The second sign had ‘ACAB’ and ‘BLM’ written on it. The third sign read ‘We Support Our Police’ however, the sign was vandalized and read ‘We Support Your Police.’ There was a piece of cardboard that had ‘Trump is a disgusting orange person. He is homophobic and racist.”

The cardboard also had “Biden 2020” handwritten on it, the report said.

The woman’s neighbors “had Democratic political signs placed out at the end of their driveway that were untouched,” it said.

The signs cost $10 apiece, according to the police report.

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