7 thoughts on “P&Z Looks Into Withholding Building Permits for ‘Merritt Village’ Until Retaining Wall Concerns Are Addressed

  1. I hope the town can withhold Karp. He continued to build the fake wall AFTER concerns were raised by the town. Also,Karp said the wall would be covered with shrubbery…How can it when it is adjacent to the sidewalk !!! Follow thru town .I think Karp gets away with too much as to town regs !!!! Jeannie Hart

  2. One no longer has to travel to see the Great Wall of China, they can just drive into town and see the Great Wall of New Canaan. Not a very impressive entrance to our lovely town.

  3. Too bad people are so closed minded. Did you ever hear of hanging vines or morning glories which drape over and down the side of the wall? All this is about is personnel preference. A few folks did not like it and complained. Will they get their way? The hold subject is a moot point.
    N. Jensen

  4. It seems the entire P and Z ” did not like it” either, in addition to an outpouring of dislike from town citizens. Let’s see if P and Z has any backbone to do something other than ” maybe next time”.

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