2 thoughts on “Q&A: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi on Next Academic Year

  1. Remote learning was a good temporary solution but is clearly not a great substitute for in-school learning for many reasons, not least of which the importance of social interaction in these formative years.
    I’m glad our community has done the work to flatten the curve and keep our health system from being overwhelmed. Now it’s time to move forward. Masks are a great way to transition back to a more normal life and get kids back to school.

  2. It was reassuring to read that our Superintendent is offering options for the families of our town. Although remote learning was created as a temporary alternative at the onset of this pandemic, we are still in the midst of uncertainty. We are by no means back to normal as indicated by the statistics being shared. The safety and health of our children and families need to remain in full focus and all precautions and options need to be offered as Superintendent Luizzi is describing.

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