Selectmen Approve Mosquito Larvicide Contract 3-0


The Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting Tuesday unanimously approved a $9,960 contract with a Branford-based ecological management firm to put mosquito larvicide in New Canaan’s storm drains.

Representatives from All Habitat Services LLC dump a product called Vectolex into catch basins in town, Public Works Director Tiger Mann told the Board. The method is designed to control the spread of West Nile Virus.

“You will see a couple of guys on scooters, driving from basin to basin and putting the Vectolex in the basins themselves,” Mann said during the meeting, held via videoconference. 

“We had a fourth application for last year for [Eastern Equine Encephalitis], but we reduced that since we were asked to reduce our budget, we reduced it down to the standard three that we have had. If conditions arise whereby we have a concern with EEE, we will find a way to find that additional [funding] to do a fourth application. And we will work hand-in-hand with the Health Department on that, on a determination.”

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Selectmen Kit Devereaux and Nick Williams voted in favor of renewing the state contract. 

Officials have said in the past that New Canaan has some 2,540 catch basins that get the product.

Devereaux noted that there seem to be far fewer mosquitoes around this summer.

Mann said, “It’s been very, very dry. They give birth in water, so if we don’t have any standing water, we don’t have any issues, or as many issues.”

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