4 thoughts on “Selectmen Call for Cost Breakdown on Library’s ‘Legacy Building’ Project

  1. The much simpler, long-overdue solution to this dilemma is for the library not to try to move any portion of the 1913 building anywhere. Funds are quickly being raised, privately, and all will be forthcoming, for it to be refurbished, at no cost to the library, if left in place.

  2. Right on David Rucci. Finally, someone stands up to our First Selectman’s snark and endless efforts to mess with this project. The library has said from day one that moving the building would cost money. And much more than whatever joke of an analysis the town’s “appointed” costs person estimated after walking around the place for an afternoon. To act surprised or shocked about this is absurd, but definitely on brand for our town leaders. As far as the 1913 folks secret plans of raising even a penny for remodeling, restoring and refurbishing a building they don’t own, won’t ever own and don’t even legally have the right to vacuum, they should work on coming up with some new jokes. Or maybe put all that fantasy energy into helping save and preserve buildings around town that actually need and deserve help – Vine Cottage, Irwin Park, etc. The library is being beyond gracious in finding a respectful way to keep the sparse remnants of 1913 building still standing. And maybe they wouldn’t be asking for so much money if the 1913 crowd hadn’t wasted (and are still wasting) the library’s money paying for lawyers and architects to deal with their nonsense over the past few years. The town should pay this bill they knew was coming, and in fact are to blame for creating in the first place. Punting it down a few meetings isn’t going to make it any cheaper.