2 thoughts on “Selectmen Recommend $1 Million in ARPA Funding Toward Restoring Playhouse on Elm

  1. I’m so happy to hear this. Having our own movie theater is such a wonderful aspect of our town. It’s a beautiful 100 year old building that connects with our town’s classic architecture, and has its own twin building across the street. Great news!

  2. I too favor restoring the movie house. I hope any renovation will restore it as close to what it was as possible . I remember sitting in the theatre at age 5 years old seven decades ago. Seated directly behind me in a row were 5 then young notorious brothers whose father ran a local plumbing business. They threw popcorn at me and spit on my neck. I was afraid to turn around and say anything. I later became friends with many of them, and personal attorney for one. My frequent subsequent experiences in the theatre were more pleasant.

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