SNEAK PEEK: ‘Chef Prasad’ Indian Restaurant To Open This Month

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Chef Prasad, the Indian restaurant going in at 62 Main St. in New Canaan, likely will open for takeout and delivery in the third week of May, and offer full dining service in the days that follow, according to the business’s owner.

Prasad Chirnomula said he’s “super excited” to train the kitchen and floor staff to his liking and will soft-open within two weeks. The completely renovated space—new black-and-white checkerboard floor, new ceiling, walls, furniture and decor—used to house “India,” Chirnomula’s eatery that closed in December.

Owner of longtime New Canaan favorite Thali down the street before that, Chirnomula said Chef Prasad offers a different vibe from India.

“We have created a place where it’s more sit down and relax and spend a good hour-and-a-half dinner type place,” he told

As opposed to the dark “lounge-ish” look of India restaurant, the new place is brighter, with light blue-painted walls and a similarly colored cushioned bench lining the walls of the dining area, a hand-painted “tree of life” around the restaurant and a new lotus flower logo. Chirnomula calls the centerpiece table the “spice table,” as many of his favorite ingredients for signature dishes are featured under a glass tabletop—lentils, rice, beans, bay leaves and cinnamon.

“This is more influenced from northern India, where it’s more relaxed for the kings and palaces,” Chirnomula said of the new decor. “It’s a very fun blue, kind of relaxing. Typically if you go to the northern part of India, Rajasthan and the palaces, they have this. A lot of beautiful blues and pinks and they do a lot of art work by hand.”

Chef Prasad will seat 42 people in the main dining area and another 15 at the bar and lounge just inside the door.

“I’m very excited,” he said.

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